About Nikko/Nikki

My name is Nikolaus, and I am a Massage Therapist. For me, massage isn’t just my career, it is a way of life. I get the chance to truly help people the best that I can.

I am a deep tissue massage therapist who specializes in therapeutic massage.

Massage Therapist and Owner

All our therapists have attended accredited advanced courses of traditional Thai massage in recognized training establishments.


In our spa center we have gathered the most experienced and certified specialists in many kinds of massages and body treatments.


At our center, we provide a variety of spa services including body relaxations, skin treatment and medical massages to loosen muscles and release toxins.

I specialize in nerve issues because I myself was suffering from nerve issues when I first started my career. Within 3 months of starting my career as a massage therapist, my entire left arm was tingly and numb throughout the entire day. I even started having issues telling how much pressure I was giving… It didn’t start that way though. It started with my hands and arms just being tingly here and there. Then it started happening more frequently. I thought I’d just give my arms time to rest when I wasn’t working and it would be fine. When it got to the point of not telling pressure, I had a client who had severe nerve damage. He would drop mugs without even knowing… I went to an instructor back at my school and asked what I could do to help with my current issue. He suggested sleeping on my back, stretching throughout the day (not just when I’m tight), and to get massages periodically. It took a few months but I don’t run into my nerve issues at all anymore unless I sleep on my sides.

Ever since going through this experience I decided to specialize in nerve issues, because I know how scary it is to not be able to use your body right, and I know the feelings you’re dealing with when struggling with these issues. You’re not alone, but they won’t just go away. Please get help outside of muscle relaxers and surgeries. Nothing in our bodies are quick fixes, it takes hard work to maintain them but if you treat them right you will live a long life.

Center Certification

In our spa center we have assembled the most experienced and certified employees whose hands will help you body to relax.
You are in good hands with our team of professional massage therapists

Aveda Institute Massage Therapy Diploma
Certified Member of Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals