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Welcome to Mindful Massage Matters

The name of my business is more than something that rolls off the tongue. It’s a statement. A mindful massage really does matter.

When getting a massage your therapist should be mindful of what all you do with your body, from posture to work and everything in-between. Every little thing you do (or don’t) with your body has an impact on it’s over all state of being.

Why Choose Us?

With every client I work to get to the root of your problems, not only physically work through them during the massage, but also discuss and educate how things got to where they are and how to improve from here on.

My goal with every client is to not only help you during the massage but leave you with enough information that after your massage you are mindful of what you do with your body and how it impacts you.

And that is why a Mindful Massage Matters

happy clients

What Customers are Saying

Incredible work from an incredible person. If you have not tried his massages yet, I strongly suggest you do!

- Tony

Nik made me feel so comfortable and was so easy to work with. They’re incredibly talented and can work with you for everything from a spa day to working on chronic muscle issues. Highly recommended!!!

- Jason

Mindful Massage Matters has been a lifesaver! Nikki McMassage is VERY knowledgeable and listens to your needs. I highly recommend them!

- Aria

After an intensive yoga immersion, my body was in major need of a Deep Tissue massage. Luckily, Nikko was able to fit me in for a 90 minute massage. My body is feeling a thousand times better today!! Highly recommend!

- Tasha

Nik is a very talented massage therapist. His knowledge is amazing and he really wants to help you feel better.

- Paula